Classic Turrones

El Almendro

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Choose your Turron: Crunchy Turron

Choose your Turron: Crunchy Turron
Crunchy Turron
Soft Turron
Marzipan Turron
Turron selection
Turron imperial cake
Turron gift pack
Filled wafers Turron
Fruit Turron
Coconut Turron
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EL ALMENDRO classic turrón.

These quality gourmet candy bars are made with honey and roasted Spanish almonds. The "Duro" variety is a crunchy nougat treat, not unlike almond brittle, while the "Blando" variety is softer, with an almond-butter consistency. Enchanted by El Almendro since 1883, these gourmet treats can be enjoyed as healthy snacks, fine desserts, or at festive occasions

Available choices:
  • Crunchy almond Turron – 150g - Gluten-free
  • Creamy almond Turron - 150gr - Gluten-free
  • Marzipan Turron – 200g - Gluten-free
  • Turron selection - 200g (New)
  • Turron imperial cake - 200gr - Gluten free (New)
  • Filled wafers Turron – 150g
  • Fruit Turron – 200g - Gluten-free
  • Coconut Turron – 250g - Gluten-free

  • Did you know? : Turrón has been a sweet indulgence on the Iberian Peninsula for over a thousand years.