Spanish playing Cards

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Choose: Red deck
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Spanish playing Cards with case

  • This pack consists of 50 cards with Spanish suits (game containing 8, 9 and jokers).
  • You can choose a deck with the red or blue back. Some games require both decks.
  • Spanish playing cards are used to play traditional Spanish games, such as Tute, Mus,Chinchón, Brisca or Pocha.
  • Made in Spain

Our baraja goes back to the 14th century, and it consists of four different pictured suits, known as palos: oros (gold coins), bastos (sticks), copas (cups) and espadas (swords). Each suit is made of 10 cards from one to seven, plus sota (card number ten in the figure of a page), caballo (eleventh card, literally “horse”, representing a knight) and rey (the king, number twelve). We rarely use eight and nine in our card games.
One distinctive characteristic in our cards since the 15th century is the use of pintas, discontinuous lines in the upper and down parts of the rectangle surrounding the picture of the card, which help players identify which cards they hold while not opening them up too much: none in oros, one in copas, two in espadas and three in bastos.