The Roman Piggy bank

Only open if broken

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Piggy size: Large

Piggy size: Large
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DIEGOS® Roman piggy bank

What makes the traditional Roman piggy bank unique, is the fact that it does not have an opening at the bottom. The only way to open it is by breaking it.
Our piggy banks have been entirely handcrafted for generations in the community of Valencia since the 15th century. In Spanish tradition children are given small piggy banks that they can decorate themselves, while the bigger Roman banks are used by the families for larger projects or goals (like charity donations, a family vacation, a new appliance etc.).
Every year Spanish families would gather around the table to celebrate the unveiling of the savings.
Add your very personal touch by encouraging your kids or dear ones to decorate your DIEGOS® Roman Piggy bank.

  • Small: H 19cm
  • Medium: H 22cm
  • Large: H 28cm
  • Extra large: H 32cm

  • Features:
  • Made in Spain
  • Eco-friendly, it's made with clay and a little salt.
  • Every piece is unique

  • Trivia: Historically, the Roman style of piggy bank has been found bot in Italy and Nepal.