Abanico Alicante

Spanish hand fan

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Color: Black

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Authentic Abanico from Spain

It might seem obvious but did you know that the movement of a hand-held fan increases the airflow and the evaporation rate of sweat on the skin? Besides, they are stunning, easy to carry around and if you learn how, not only will your fan keep you cool in summer, there are hidden messages behind each fan movement

Characteristics of the Alicante abanico:
  • Dimension: 9" long ( 23cm )
  • Made of wood and organic cotton
  • Hand made in Spain
  • Hand painted in Spain
  • Every abanico is unique
  • Free shipping in the USA

  • Did you know? : If you find yourself in Madrid, make sure you visit the astounding Museo del Traje to admire some of the greatest examples of fans in Spain.