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Polvoron & marzipan


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Choose:: Classic Polvoron

Choose:: Classic Polvoron
Classic Polvoron
Selective Polvoron
Chocolate Polvoron
Marzipan shapes
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Polvorones and Marzipan by Delaviuda.

Marzipan and Polvoron are true classic Spanish treats for the holidays, Polvorones are a classic soft crumbly cookie made from finely ground almonds and few words can describe the softness and richness of the marzipan made by De la viuda.

Available choices::
  • Classic Polvorones – 250g
  • Selective Polvorones – 500g
  • Chocolate Polvorones – 265g
  • Marzipan shapes – 200g

  • Did you know? : Delaviuda started making Polvorones and Mazapan in the year 1927.