Buying traditional espadrilles with bitcoins?

"Le Métro" newspaper article

A pioneering online store now accepts bitcoin as a payment method.
To pay for your traditional Spanish espadrilles with bitcoins is to buy a product dating from the Middle Ages with the currency of the 21st century. A clash of time and cultures that gives Diego Arnedo a good laugh, owner of
“Bitcoin goes against banks and the financial world, it's a kind of currency revolution and I wanted to be part of it. But I gave up the idea of ​​explaining the concept of bitcoin to the elders of Cervera who handcraft, in a remote village in Spain, the espadrilles that I sell, "he laughs".
Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. It is a virtual currency independent of any bank or state. The cryptographic system devised by an anonymous Japanese man allows each bitcoin and its user to be authenticated and fraud to be avoided. A bit like PayPal and spendabit, it allows you to make remote transactions, but also to pay in shops with your cell phone. “
If someone comes here and he has an account with bitcoin, he'll take his smartphone and scan the QR code by my cashier. He will then enter the amount on his phone and I will receive
confirmation of the transaction almost automatically”says the merchant. The latter is also proud of the almost non-existent transaction fees, while Visa, American Express or PayPal
charge rates sometimes around 3% or 4%.