The Ballerina espadrille fits all!

  • Features: The ballerina fits all! In our espadrille store throughout the years, when a client comes in with very wide or very narrow feet, the ballerina is our miracle-fits-all espadrille.
    There are 13 colors of laces to choose from and they are expertly sewn to the canvas of the espadrille by Diego.
  • Materials: The braided soles of the espadrilles are made of jute thread and recycled textile fibers from Barcelona. The organic cotton canvas is weaved in Valencia.
  • Origin & authenticity: We cannot stress this enough: DIEGOS® espadrilles are entirely handcrafted and hand stitched in La Rioja, Northern Spain.
  • History: This particular style of crisscrossed laces is inspired from the classic Pamplona espadrille which were designed specifically for an event that takes place in Pamplona called the Running of the bulls. This event dates back to the 14th century. Runners needed a design that ensured their shoes would not come off while they were running from the bulls.