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Vintage Spanish tiles

from the 1800's

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Choose your tile: Tile #1
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DIEGOS® 1800's Authentic vintage tiles from Spain

These tiles come from a small village in la Rioja, northern Spain, called Cervera del rio Alhama. They are over 200 years old.
Every Tile is absolutely unique, I've takes a picture of the front and the back of every tile.
The height of each tile is indicated on the pictures
The weight of each tile is approximately 2.7kg (5.9 Pounds)
The thickness of the tiles is approximately 2cm (0.78")

HISTORY: In Spain, these roof tiles may be known as barrel tiles, thigh tiles or curved tiles. The have been handcrafted out of clayin the early 1800's and shaped in a curve over the crafter's upper legs & thighs.

Spanish roof tiles have a long history that dates back centuries. The use of clay tiles in roofing is a traditional practice in many Mediterranean and Spanish-influenced regions. The exact age of Spanish roof tiles, or clay tiles in general, can vary depending on the specific region and the historical context.

Clay tiles have been used for roofing purposes for thousands of years, with evidence of their use dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. In Spain, the Moors also played a significant role in the development and use of clay tiles in architecture during their rule from the 8th to the 15th centuries.

Trivia These set of roof tyles come from an old house in Diegos's village