Professional Castañuelas

Made in Spain

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Color: Brown


Size: Size 5

Size: Size 5
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
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DIEGOS® Traditional Castañuelas

Imported Professional Flamenco Castanets made in Valencia, Spain. These castanets come with a black custom travel bag with 2 separate sections. This custom bag has been made with the classic espadrilles canvas in Montreal, Canada.

Available sizes:
  • Size 5 ( 8.5cm tall) Perfect size for a 8 to 14 year old
  • Size 6 ( 8.7cm tall) Medium women size
  • Size 7 (9cm tall) Large woman size or men

  • Features:
  • Made in Spain
  • Eco-friendly, it's made with Rosewood.
  • creates a beautiful, loud sound when “clacked” together

  • Trivia: Castañuelas are of Phoenician origin and more than 3,000 years old